Different Roles of Authentic Leadership

At the Leadership Forum we encourage women to show-up as authentic leaders in their own lives.  This means staying true to their values, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, always seeing the big picture and attaching meaning and purpose to their work.

It is important to know that being a leader doesn’t mean you are a CEO or manager leading a team or organization.  There are five different ways leaders present themselves.  Each role is equally important and brings unique value to situations or challenges.

 Leadership Diagram


The Leader in Front is the one you see up front and centre projecting her authentic voice, holding a vision that has a strong “why” or story behind her cause. 

Leaders Beside enjoy the partner approach and co-creating an experience together. 

The Leader Behind is a mentor, coach, teacher,  team member or good friend who wants the very best for others.  They may not necessary prefer the Leader in Front role but they certainly appreciate the vision and are willing to provide their support in any way they can.

Leader from the Whole relies on both her head and her heart to make choices.  She knows when to use logic or simply trust her intuition and explores how she both thinks and feels about a situation.  She always has the bigger picture in mind.

The Leader Within in the above diagram is where all four dimensions overlap.  This is who you are being when you are at your best, trusting in your innate inner compass, and taking responsibility for the leadership role you need to play, appreciate or support in any given moment.

Everyone will develop their unique blend of Leadership Style.  At the Leadership Forum, we encourage every woman to be the Leader Behind for other women.  We envision a world where women instinctively have each other’s backs, always supporting and wanting others to shine.

We hope you join our community of authentic leaders – women who care as much about the success of others as they do their own.

Tammy Elliott
Founder, Facilitator and Chair
"Tammy has provided groups that are warm and inviting and at the same time, powerful and inspiring. She is a strong role model and an enormous influence for building relationships of strength and empowerment.”
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