Grow and Engage Your Network

A supportive professional network is a key component to a successful career.  Opportunities always come from people.  This is why it is important you become an expert at managing, growing and engaging your network.  

At the Leadership Forum, there are lots of opportunities to network:

  • Warm-up/Icebreaker Activity:  When you arrive at noon to our meetings, you will be divided into smaller groups lead by a Leadership Forum Team member.  Everyone is provided the icebreaker question ahead of time so you can kick start the meeting with a powerful dialogue and develop a close connection with some of the members of our community.
  • Networking at the Tables:  We chose banquet style set up on purpose so you have the opportunity to meet new connections at your table.
  • Open Forum Discussion:  Right after out key-note speaker finishes, Founder and Chair Tammy Elliott facilitates a large group discussion.  This is a great place to see others in action sharing their takeaways and personal experiences as it relates to the topic.
  • Five Second Intro Exercise:  At every meeting we take time to learn and practice our introduction in a way that has a positive effect on our personal brand.  A couple volunteers always help us teach this part of our program by sharing their 5 second intro.  Then we open the floor for others to try.
  • Networking After the Meeting:  There is at least 30 minutes of networking time available after the meeting as the Leadership Forum team cleans up.
  • Connections Table:  Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs place their business cards or promotional material on display at the Connections Table inviting you to reach out and connect.
  • Participant Roster:  After our meeting you are given a copy of the roster with just enough information to find each other on LinkedIn.  
  • Online Community:  Women who attend our Leadership Forum get a personal invite into our LinkedIn Group.  This is a great place to stay connected between our bi-monthly meetings.  The powerful open forum discussion that takes place at our face-to-face meetings continues on in our on-line community.

During one of the above activities, if you meet someone you would like to know better, be sure to ask for her card or send her a LinkedIn invite.  Reach out to each other and share your 5-Second-Intros and what you took away from the meeting.

Sending a LinkedIn invite or taking a business card is easy.  Actually engaging and getting to know each other is the most important part.  When you talk about your biggest takeaway from the Forum, you are actually sharing a piece of yourself.  Putting yourself out there in an authentic way is how you attract like-minded women into your world and grow a wonderful “tribe” of supporters.

At the Forum, you are inspired to be authentic leaders and take a proactive approach to growing your professional network.  The best way to grow your network is in a community of individuals who all care about the same cause.  Feel free to contact me or a member of the Forum Team if you have any questions.

Tammy Elliott
Founder, Facilitator and Chair
"Tammy has provided groups that are warm and inviting and at the same time, powerful and inspiring. She is a strong role model and an enormous influence for building relationships of strength and empowerment.”
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