Caledon’s Leadership Forum for Women

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2016 Speakers – Check out our Facebook Page

January 7th

Caledon East Complex

Sandra Sharpe, Inspiration, It’s in You to Give!

We are entering a new age of leadership. We look to leaders today to inspire, motivate and be a partner in our success. Examine various leadership attributes while developing a better understanding of your own and learn how to draw on your life experiences to inspire others.

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March 3rd

Caledon East Complex

Karen Collacutt, The Magic Behind the Mask

Tap into your own fabulous self to naturally build Trust, Connection, Influence and Affluence.

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May 5th

Caledon East Complex

Lindsay Whisen, Understand Feminism and Propel your Empowerment

A Distinct graduate of Sociology and Women and Gender Studies from the University of Toronto, Lindsay’s presentation will have you understanding your remarkable resilience and the Secret Superhero you truly are.

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July 7th

Hockley Valley Resort Covered Patio


Open Forum Summer Retreat

Join us for this powerful dialogue as we continue the conversation around the topics discussed in 2016. Enjoy our fun panel event with past speakers and networking outdoors in the summer sun.

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September 8th

Caledon East Complex

Lisa Dantas, Leading with Empathy and Compassion

These two attributes are leadership strengths women innately possess. Learn how their positive impact brings humanity into the workplace and to the world.

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November 3rd

Caledon East Complex

To Be Announced

Details to Follow


Event Schedule 

Arrival: 12:00 – 12:30 pm (Icebreaker/Warm-up Activity)
  12:30 – 2:00  pm  (Meeting)
  2:00 – 2:30 pm     (Networking)
Place: See above speaker list for locations
  Coffee, tea, fruit, granola bars and a variety of wraps are provided)