Our Vision – Our Community

The Leadership Forum provides an inclusive environment welcoming all heart-centered professionals to our community.  This includes:

  1. Entrepreneurs – business owners;
  2. Intrapreneurs – entrepreneurial minded employees;
  3. Volunteers – citizen leaders;
  4. Women in Career Transition – career seekers.


Our Vision:

A world where every woman is empowered to enhance her authentic leadership skills to achieve her own personal and professional success.


Our Mission:

To be the trusted resource for career women to grow a professional network while receiving quality authentic leadership education. 


Core Values: 


Presenters are women who role-model authentic leadership;



Open forum discussion provides a supportive environment for women to discuss, share and optimize learning;



Connect with like minded women and grow a supportive professional network;



Honouring our guiding principle of women supporting women,  proceeds are invested back into the community supporting local leadership programs for girls.

"Tammy has provided groups that are warm and inviting and at the same time, powerful and inspiring. She is a strong role model and an enormous influence for building relationships of strength and empowerment.”
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