Powerful Introductions

At every Leadership Forum  participants are provided an opportunity to practice their introductions. We teach an effective way to say what you do in less than 5 seconds that has a positive effect on your personal brand.

By personal brand, we mean how others see you.  When people see you or your name in print, two points will come to mind:

1.  Who you are (values, strengths, personality, etc) and

2.  What you do (who you serve). 

To leave a lasting impression and start an insightful two-way dialogue, we suggest dropping your title and company name and simply state who you serve and what you do for them. 

Here is a personal example:

Before: I am the founder, chair and facilitator of Caledon’s Leadership Forum for Women.

After:  I lead an empowerment networking group for heart-centred professional women. 

During the event a couple volunteers help us teach this part of our program by sharing their own 5 second intro and then we open the floor for others to try.

Click here for a copy of the exercise if you would like to prepare yourself for this part of the meeting ahead of time.  Feel free to contact me or a member of the Forum Team if you have any questions.

Tammy Elliott
Founder, Facilitator and Chair
"Tammy has provided groups that are warm and inviting and at the same time, powerful and inspiring. She is a strong role model and an enormous influence for building relationships of strength and empowerment.”
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