Ambassador Board

The Leadership Forum operates on a non-profit model by a team of dedicated volunteers committed to our vision, mission and values.  We pride ourselves in being the trusted resource for women to enhance their authentic leadership skills while growing a network of heart-centred professionals.  Proceeds are donated to empowerment programs for girls.

Tammy Elliott

Founder, Chair, Community Leader
Caledon’s Leadership Forum

It’s an honour to be chairing a team of committed individuals who all care deeply about our guiding principle of women supporting women.

Sheralyn R

Sheralyn Roman

Freelance Writer and Photographer
Writing Right for You

I am thrilled to be a part of the Leadership Forum, acting as an Ambassador for, and committed to, empowering women, nurturing their success in the same way Tammy Elliott has done this for me!

Shona Lauzon

Fundraising Event Planner
Caledon Community Services
416 839-8878

“I feel so very privileged and inspired to work with a group of strong, heart-centred women living and working from their authentic core. And what I especially appreciate is the Leadership Forum’s mandate to help other women, regardless of where they are in their life and career journey, to do the same.”

Lisa M

Lisa Molinelli

Kid Sense
Lisa Molinelli

I am passionate about Tammy’s values and authenticity. I love the win/win and me-to-we approach which makes it a greater purpose than just networking. I am proud to be a part of this valuable forum.

Lindsay Whisen

Professional Organizer
Ease Up

Working to support female business professionals is a necessity.  As a business woman myself, I have found that when I help others gain traction on their path, I automatically gain traction on my own. Women supporting women is truly a win-win.

Rose Pallotto

Founding Advisor and Mortgage Agent
Real Wealthy Advisory

I am excited about being a part of this group first and foremost, for it is dedication to encourage and empower women in small business and business professionals. This committee enables us to create heartfelt, meaningful relationships with one another that will in turn strengthen our community. 

Renelle Viau

Smart Program Coordinator
Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

I am proud to be a member of the Ambassador Board, for it allows me to give back to a cause I believe in: the empowerment of women as leaders. “It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.” (Jackie Mutcheson, Teacher)

 Lisa Dantas

Lisa Dantas

H.R. and Business Consultant
LD Consulting

I am proud to be a part of this group of women who are invested in the success of others as much as they are invested in their own success, learning and growing themselves while helping other women develop their leadership skills.